spaces and places

From graphics for interior spaces to using design thinking to bring about change in public places, we create inspiring environments.

Jakupa Architects briefed Studio Shelf to create a wall installation for the Provincial Parliament Welcome Centre.
Studio Shelf set up office in public spaces around Cape Town, testing the immediacy of design and seeing what the collaboration between designers, communities and businesses has to offer. Thanks to Rachal, Benoit, Maggie, Eugene, Nina, Charis, Kerry, Meghan & more. 
We were delighted to be published in "PopUp City" & local media. 
Let’s Talk Shop was a design residency in a previously empty shop on Hoxton Street. The residency set out to investigate a process of co-creation together with the individual shop owners and their customers. By applying design thinking to this sector the resulting proposals helped to strengthen local business through offering achievable individual strategies.
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